TPMS Tyre-Pressure Monitoring System x4 - Ranger 2014>
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TPMS Tyre-Pressure Monitoring System x4 - Ranger 2014>

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With an ever-expanding catalogue of aftermarket alloy wheels, our aim is to offer all accessories and supporting modifications to make your vehicle drive and function as the factory intended. Many newer vehicles come with TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems) installed as standard. Some of these systems are indirect, and some are direct. Direct TPMS can usually be identified by the appearance of the valves in each wheel. Our aftermarket solution from TyreSure allows the vehicle's factory TPMS system to work with almost all aftermarket wheels. This means you'll continue to get a direct readout of all tyre pressures and no annoying errors on your dashboard!

What is TPMS?

TPMS systems are now mandatory on all newly registered vehicles in the EU (since November 2014). They are fast becoming a vital part of maintaining safety on the roads. The system works by monitoring the pressure (and sometimes temperature) within each of the vehicle’s tyres. TPMS stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, a new safety feature that continuously monitors a vehicles’ tyres and alerts the driver to changes in tyre pressure. The changes in tyre pressure can be detected by either Direct or Indirect means but both methods will, as a minimum, illuminate a warning light on the vehicle dashboard display and sound an audible alert when 25% deflation has occurred. Tyre bays and workshops can check tyre pressure using diagnostics tools, reading the pressure from OEM or aftermarket sensors.

Early TPMS was first introduced as an option on high-end luxury vehicles as early as the 1980s, although it wasn’t until the year 2000 that it was first fitted as a standard feature.


Ford Ranger 2014> Onwards 

4x TyreSure T-Pro TPMS Sensor Valve Black Hybrid 3.5 (Pre-Coded) (TYR-S502)

Please Note - This sale is for a set of 4 TyreSure T-Pro TPMS Sensor Valve only


Pricing: 80.74 ex Vat
VAT:      16.15
Total:    96.89 inc Vat
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