Tuff Torque - Modular 17x8 Gloss Black Steel Wheel & Tyre Amarok
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Tuff Torque - Modular 17x8 Gloss Black Steel Wheel & Tyre Amarok

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We're thrilled to offer these built-for-purpose steel modular wheels, made as a direct fit for the Volkswagen Amarok coming from Tuff Torque.

Tuff Torque knew what they're doing when they built this wheel, creating a monster of a wheel that looks insane on our T5 and are built to take abuse. These are stylish modular steel wheels, and to clear up what modular steel wheels are? simply they are wheels that feature cosmetically appealing holes rather than spokes or a solid inner surface.

We adore the purposeful look and the OEM style of these steel wheels, an awesome set of wheels in every way, or a smart and very reasonably priced winter wheel solution. Give your van that rugged & aggressive OEM+ look, These have transformed our T5 and given it a new beefy offroad look that really stands out and catches our eyes.

Tuff Torque

'Tuff Torque is a seriously tough wheel built to handle the toughest of terrains. Manufactured from high-quality steel, they're designed to take a great deal of punishment and just keep ongoing. This makes them the ideal choice for everything from global adventures to extreme 4x4 racing.'

One thing to keep in mind, the nature of steel wheel production means the finish might differ along with slight blemishes, scuffs, and the associated mark. If you're at all on the fence with settling for anything but a 'perfect' finish please be mindful that these might not be for you. But they do give your van a certain presence when on the road, with a truly unique look!

All-Terrain Tyres
This set of wheels comes fitted with 245/65/17 load-rated all-terrain tyres. We currently offer two popular tyres for the 17' alloys: The Road-X RX-Quest AT21 and the much-loved BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2. These very capable all-terrain tyres carry a load rating above and beyond the Amarok's capacity ensuring maximum performance and safety. The Road-X and the BF Goodrich are all highly praised by enthusiasts for being capable off-road, without compromising ride quality on tarmac.

Road-X RX-Quest AT21 - 245/65/17 111H

BF Goodrich -  All-Terrain KO2 245/65/17 111S

Please select your tyre choice from the drop-down menu below. 

We are happy to have taken two styles from Tuff Torque - Imitation Beadlock Steel Wheels & Modular Steel Wheels - Please see the final picture to see the difference.

Size: 17 Inch
Width: 8J
Offset ET: +40mm
PCD: 5x120
Centre Bore: 65.1
Max Load (per wheel): 1200Kg

VW Amarok 2010 Onwards

4x Tuff Torque Modular Gloss Black 17' Steel Wheels
4x 245/65/17 All-Terrain Tyres of Selected Brand
1x Fitting Kit 

Please Note - This sale is for a set of 4 Tuff Torque Modular 17' Steel Wheels, 245/65/17 Tyres and full fitting kit only.
Centre caps are not included in this sale.
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