Tomahawk UTE 20x9 Matte Black ET30 Wheels & Tyres 6x139.7Tomahawk UTE 20x9 Matte Black ET30 Wheels & Tyres 6x139.7
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Tomahawk UTE 20x9 Matte Black ET30 Wheels & Tyres 6x139.7

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Comforser CF1100 119/116SAT
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Tomahawk UTE 20x9 Matte Black ET30 Wheels & Tyres 6x139.7

Tomahawk UTE... 9 Deep concave embossed spokes with outer rivet bolts for those wanting a resilient look!

Tomahawk design all its wheels with practicality in mind. Build quality and function are at the forefront of their business, influencing the aesthetic of the wheel throughout development. The Tomahawk UTE gives you an All-Terrain/Off-Road-inspired look creating an aggressive tough appearance, which demands respect on and off the road.

Everything about the UTE is aggressive from the Concaving spokes running a detailed harsh embossing giving the wheel its signature look and style, then paired with the Silver rivet bolts to give off an even more urban feel to the wheel. All this wrapped in a stunning dead matte black finish and then placed with the stand-out center cap running the tomahawk logo, this is truly a wheel that will transform any build to give it that aggressive look you might be wanting.

Whether you are looking to drive up a mountain, spend the afternoon Green Laning, or simply make your urban vehicle look a lot more aggressive, Tomahawk has you covered.

Size: 20 Inch
Width: 9J
Offset (ET): 30
PCD: 6x139.7
Centre Bore: 106mm (Spigots Included - 106mm - 93.1mm)
Max Load (per wheel): 1250kg

All-Terrain Tyres
This set of wheels comes fitted with 285/50/20 load-rated all-terrain tyres. We currently offer three popular tyres for the 20" alloys: The Comforser CF1100 119/116SATYokohama G015 All Terrain 112H & the General Grabber AT3 116H XL, these being both highly praised by enthusiasts for being capable off-road, without compromising ride quality on tarmac.

Need TPMS?
Some Ford Rangers will have TPMS as standard from the factory, please buy these with this order to get them fitted - TPMS Sensors 

Ford Ranger I 1998 - 2006
Ford Ranger I Facelift 2002 - 2006
Ford Ranger II 2006 - 2009
Ford Ranger II Facelift 2009 - 2011
Ford Ranger III 2011 - 2016
Ford Ranger III Facelift 2015 - 2021
Ford Ranger IV 2019> Onwards 

Please check your PCD due to the Ford Ranger has changed over the life cycle between 5x114.3 and 6x139.7

4x Tomahawk UTE 20" Matte Black Alloy Wheels - 6x139.7
4x Selected Tyres (Fitted)
1x Full Fitting Kit (Spigots & Bolts)

Please Note - This sale is for a set of Tomahawk UTE wheels, tyres & a full fitting kit only

Pricing: 1,245.83 ex Vat
VAT:      249.17
Total:    1,495.00 inc Vat